Huaraz is the capital of mountaineering and climbing/adventure sports in Peru, and the perfect place for us to develop and promote various outdoor activities, adventure sport, trekking and climbing programs and assistance with trip planning.

We offer a multitude of adventure activities i.e. more than 20 1-day excursions, 40 different multi-day treks, including the classic and alternative routes, expeditions, climbing courses, ascents and various other adventure sports in the mountains. Our speciality is trekking along through the more remote areas in the Cordilleras Blanca & Huayhuash and off the beaten track on trails that we have personally explored and researched.

Trip Planning

Trip planning is another of our specialities where we will be helping you prepare for and plan your time in Huaraz and the Cordilleras Blanc and Huayhuash. This will include planning a sequence of acclimatisation treks and rest days, gradually working up to the altitudes you want to ultimately trek or climb at. Throughout this programme you be assured of our support and advice as well as the availability of the best equipment available for rental. *Click here on the EQUIPMENT link to see what equipment you may need and what can be rented.

1-Day Excursions & Multi-day Trekking  

Our multi-day treks are for people of all levels of fitness and experience with our 1-day activities and treks available for visitors with time limitations and those who want to get to know the Cordillera Blanca ,with Huaraz as base, with 1-day excursions. The 1-day treks are also ideal as acclimatisation before embarking on the more difficult and higher altitude multi-day treks.

Our longer programs (multi-day treks) of more than a week consist of various treks highlighting the remote areas and legendary peaks of both the impressive Cordilleras Blanca & Huayhuash in the central Peruvian Andes. We have now updated several of our trekking routes including treks from 2 days to at least 13 days, ranging of 4-8 hours walking per day, and altitudes between 4200m to 5200m.

*Note: some 1-day classic excursions and treks are provided by outside agencies and we will be assisting and advising our clients about the reservations of these excursions and treks. We cannot take responsibility for those agencies but will support our clients with information and advice.


We offer all climbs from “Ice Hikes”, through to the more rigorous climbing for the more adventurous and experienced. The rock climbing we offer also similarly provides opportunities for beginners through to the highly experienced rock climbers in locations ranging from the outskirts of Huaraz to other more remote rock “forests” and huge climbing walls.

The term “Ice Hike” refers to those peaks appointed to the process of training and acclimatisation before climbing a more technical mountain, as well as being a good choice for your first climbing experience.The mountains selected for “Ice Hikes” have lesser degrees of difficulty, and only require basic mountaineering equipments, although it’s still necessary to have a fairly good level of fitness and obviously a lot of enthusiasm for the mountains.

The Intermediate climbing category is ideal for those who want to climb 6,000m mountain that pose lower risks, but basic climbing experience is required. Then, if you are ready to apply your technical climbing skills and experience, we have the Hard climbing category. These climbing expeditions are many times a challenge and good fitness levels and excellent technical levels of climbing experience are essential for the best chance at reaching those elusive summits.

Adventure Activities (other)

Some of the other adventure activities we offer like mountain bike, canyoning, horseback riding etc are outsourced to other guides and agencies. In this regard, we offer our clients advice and information on what they should be looking for and beware of when reserving the activities with other agencies and/or guides. Even though we cannot take responsibility for these agencies, we always will be available to support our clients with advice and information.