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Open communication, respect and understanding the needs of our customers is our #1 priority. For our clients’ best experience and high level of satisfaction, we are committed to providing a highly professional service ranging from the best trekking and camping equipment, porters and donkey drivers, food prepared by the best mountain cooks to our professional and highly experienced guides.

This is all enhanced by our years of experience and practical approach which has also ensured us an unsurpassed safety record, something we take great pride in. Complementing this are the most unique and comprehensive itineraries on the market today which give our clients exceptional value for our services and products without having to compromise any quality.

In the light of the above, we can guarantee our clients a positive, safe, and fun adventure with Akilpo – your adventure experts.

So how do we improve the experience you have with Akilpo?

First of all, we continue to offer our clients advice and honest information of all general information about the activities. Even if we will not arrange that for you, we always will be available to support our clients with advice and information.

Secondly, we include some camping and trekking equipment and facilities for our trekking clients.  *Note: Personal items and equipment are not included but most can be rented from Akilpo. For detailed lists of necessary equipment for different types of treks and climbs, visit our RENTAL EQUIPMENT + ESSENTIALS page where you can browse our equipment catalogue.

We include high quality camping and trekking equipment and facilities for our trekking clients. To ensure our high standard quality we renew our equipment twice a year. We keep up to date with new technologies in equipment (e.g. tent materials, water filtering systems,…).

The following is a list of the trekking and camping equipment and service that is included in each trek and or climb of Akilpo:

Sleeping tents

Tents are surely one of the most important camping items that will be protecting you from high weather which may include, wind, rain, hail or snow and then low temperatures. In this regard we also have different tents for standard trekking and higher altitude trekking/climbing. The tents in group treks are shared per 2 persons.

Sleeping matts

Quality sleeping mattresses/matts are included, depending on the necessities for type of trek.  Under the matts we provide an extra insulation foam layer for extra comfort.

Personal items bag

We provide sturdy canvas bags of 2-5 kg (depending on the length of the trek/climb) for personal ítems and clothing, that will be carried by the donkeys and only be available at the campsites. Items needed during the trek should be carried in your daypack.

Other camping equipment

Large dining tent with chairs and table, equiped cooking tent, toilet tent, duffel bags and cases for donkey transport.


  • Sleeping bags and liners are not included in the camping equipment for treks and climbs. They can be rented at Akilpo.
  • Private tours can be tailor made.

Our variety of selected foods for trekking and climbing expeditions

We have a great selection for you ranging from traditional Peruvian to international dishes. Whether you are a vegetarian, gluten-free or whatever, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for. We provide food that is as close as possible to its natural state. Our meals are minimally processed and focus on wholesome Peruvian products like grains, vegetables, and lean proteins – a good variety of foods supplemented by daily vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Our gourmet meals are made from scratch with a constantly rotating menu day by day. There are three main meals a day (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner), including 6-7 am breakfast, mid-morning snacks, lunch at midday and hot tea on arrival at the campsite, afternoon snacks, dinner, desserts and hot drinks.

Our manner of preparing and preserving food

We care about keeping the food in good condition and the conservation during the expeditions, especially for long expeditions for which we use modern and traditional methods for each products. Our cook performs a general check every time. the food is supervised and prepared in a very hygienic way. All food is served fresh and well cooked by our professional and experienced mountain cooks. In our bid to contribute to the conservation of our natural heritage, the food is processed and cooked onsite without the of use firewood, only using portable outdoor gas stoves.

Drinking Water

Water is essential, especially so at high altitudes. Our cook will boil water for use as drinking water or the water will be filtered. In addition to that, we also recommend that each client also provide their own purification/filter for more water along the route – we will recommend places where water can be collected to be purified or filtered. Akilpo does not provide any bottled water as part of our Responsible Tourism policy to limit rubbish and especially plastics. *Click here on the RESPONSIBLE TOURISM link to read more about our Responsible Tourism Policy.


We are committed to provide safe and comfortable transport, year after year, we are working with the best transport companies. In order to provide our widely ranging transport services our partners continue to be a major strength for our tour groups. Each vehicle in particular is supervised before the departures, along with a skilled and experienced driver, making a dedicated effective job. We have invested in a highly varied fleet of modern vehicles that include:


Ideal for our small groups, used for 12 clients + a guide.

  • Air conditioning and GPS monitoring
  • Heating, microphone
  • Spare tire
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit, Radio – cd player


Ideal for more personal & bespoke trips, used for 2-3 clients + a guide.

  • Air conditioning and GPS monitoring
  • Heating, microphone
  • Spare tire
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit, Radio – cd player


Ideal for our small groups, used for 28 clients + a guide.

  • Air conditioning and GPS monitoring
  • Heating, microphone
  • Spare tire
  • Fire extinguister
  • First aid kit, Radio – cd player


Although some people may not be taking much notice of the porters and the pack animal drivers, to us, these people are extremely important members of our trekking and climbing teams. They will be in charge of all our equipment and food etc that the guide and clients are not carrying, in addition to preparing and setting up the campsite with the cooks before the guide and clients arrive. For this reason we select only the best and most motivated individuals in addition to ensuring that we are still supporting the communities around the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash. As regard to the pack animals, we review the care that the animal drivers take of their animals as negligence and abuse of the pack animals cannot and will not not be tolerated – this includes not overloading animals.

First Aid

It’s very important that relevant first aid is available when on a trek or climb, especially when it’s in a remote area. Our trained and qualified guides will always have a first aid kit to attend to injuries or incidents that require first aid. In addition to this, it’s important that every client has his own personal medications as required and notifies us and the guide in advance of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or injuries in order that we can advise you and be prepared for any eventuality.

Safety & Security

We take the security of our clients very seriously and at all times will ensure that we only trek or climb in safe and secure circumstances and places. Part of this is always ensuring that our clients have the best and correct equipment and then through our trained and qualified guides who are constantly evaluating the safety and security of every situation as much as they can.

Due to the unpredictability of weather conditions in the mountains, the itinerary may be adapted for the safety and security of the group and crew. This could mean that different treks/climbs/routes are embarked upon than specified in the original itinerary. The guide will have the final decision in whether to continue on a planned route or, deviate to an alternative or to terminate a trek/climb due to changing weather or local conditions that may place clients at undue risk.

In the event of potential risky situations, the guide will withdraw with all clients – the guide’s discretion and decision in this is final. Where evacuation is needed, the guide will take the necessary measures to evacuate a person which may include the use of the additional horse which accompanies groups on treks for this purpose.

Health & Travel Insurance

The client will ensure that he/she has the necessary health and/or travel insurance that covers adventure activities like trekking and climbing at high altitude. This should include evacuation cover by air in the case of an emergency. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that he/she has the necessary and/or medically recommended vaccinations in time for travel to Peru and the area where Akilpo offers the excursion.

The client agrees and certifies that he/she in a physically condition to doing walks (trekking, hiking) that necessitates physical exertion and carrying at least a 25-30 litre day pack. In the case of more difficult treks and climbs, the client will certify that they have the necessary and required experience and may be required to carry his own 60-70 litre backpack. In the event of a client being 50 years or more of age, he/she will provide a certificate from a medical practitioner (medical doctor) that he/she is in a physical condition fit enough to participate in high altitude trekking. This certificate may not be older than 6 months before the date of making the reservation.

The client agrees that he/she will not hold Akilpo, it’s owner(s) and or trekking and climbing crew responsible in the case he/she cannot trek or climb beyond a certain altitude due to Acute Mountain Illness (Altitude Sickness) or other medical condition. In these cases, the guide will advise the client to descend to lower altitudes and arrange for a crew member to accompany the client to the recommended lower altitudes.

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