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Open communication, respect and understanding the needs of our customers is our #1 priority. For our clients’ best experience and high level of satisfaction, we are committed to providing a highly professional service ranging from the best trekking and camping equipment, porters and donkey drivers, food prepared by the best mountain cooks to our professional and highly experienced guides.

This is all enhanced by our years of experience and practical approach which has also ensured us an unsurpassed safety record, something we take great pride in. Complimenting this are the most unique and comprehensive itineraries on the market today which gives our clients exceptional value for our services and products without having to compromise any quality.

In the light of the above, we can guarantee our clients a positive, safe, and fun adventure with Akilpo – your adventure experts.

So how do we improve on the experience you have with Akilpo?

First of all, we continue to offer our clients advice and honest information of all genreral information about the activities Even if we will not arrange that for you. we always will be available to support our clients with advice and information.

Secondly, we include some camping and trekking equipment and facilities for our trekking clients ensuring they have the best and correct most important equipment like tents, sleeping bags etc.  *Note: Personal items and equipment are not included but most can be rented from Akilpo. For detailed lists of necessary equipment for different types of treks and climbs, visit our EQUIPMENT  (Essentials & Rental) page where you can browse our equipment catalogue.

The following is a list of the trekking and camping equipment and service that’s included in each trek and or climb of Akilpo;


Tents are surely one of the most important camping items that will be protecting you from high weather which may include, wind, rain, hail or snow and then low temperatures. In this regard we also have different tents for standard trekking and higher altitude trekking/climbing. Before each excursion we will setup and check the tents with our clients.

Sleeping Bag (with sleeping bag liner)

A good and correct sleeping bag at high altitudes is also extremely important to not only ensure a good night’s rest but to also protect you against the potentially extreme weather which we may encounter at high altitude. Once again, we will provide sleeping bags relevant to the type of trek or climb that the client will be doing. In addition to the sleeping bag, we include fleece sleeping bag liners which not only add to the level of warmth and insulation of the sleeping bag, but limits sweating resulting from direct contact with the sleeping bag.

Sleeping Mattress

Sleeping mattresses/mats are provided as well as part of the included camping equipment. Depending on the type of trek, we may add thicker mattresses which will be transported by the pack animals (normally donkeys).


All food is served fresh and well cooked by our professional and experienced mountain cooks who will maintain a healthy and varied menu for our clients. In our bid to contribute to the conservation of our natural heritage, the food is processed and cooked onsite without the of use firewood, only using portable outdoor gas stoves.  *Click here on the COOKS link to read more about our professional and experienced mountain cooks.

Food & Beverages

We serve you with three meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with additional snack break, biscuits & cookies, fresh fruits and minimum of 2 – 3 large bottled water feeding per day per person. Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate are also included. Meals will be prepared and served in dedicated kitchen and dining tents, thus keeping you warm and comfortable from the elements outside. *Note: that breakfast on the first day of the trek and dinner on the last day of the trek is not included. The inclusion of lunch on the last day is dependant on the trek and will be confirmed with the client at the time the trek is reserved.

Drinking Water

Water is essential, especially so at high altitudes. Our cook will boil water for use as drinking water. In addition to that, we also recommend that each client also provide their own purification/filter for more water along the route – we will recommend places where water can be collected to be purified or filtered. Akilpo does not provide any bottled water as part of our Responsible Tourism policy to limit rubbish and especially plastics. *Click here on the RESPONSIBLE TOURISM link to read more about our Responsible Tourism Policy.

Guide & Porters

We employ guides who are professional as well as experienced in their field of expertise and have a passion for what they are doing, thus sharing this passion for the mountains and nature with our clients. Our guides are also trained in first aid, and then some also have rescue qualifications too. *Click here on the GUIDES link to read more about who our guides are.

The same standards are applied when we select porters and animal drivers (arrieros) from the nearby villages and communities in the area where the trekking/climbing route is; which also contributes to maximising the benefit the local community gets from the adventure activities and ultimately raises their standard of living too. *Click here on the PORTERS link to read more about our porters and the pack animal drivers that are part our team.

Vehicle Transport

We only hire vehicles from the most reputable companies with high safety standards that also employ professional and experienced drivers. The vehicles are all regularly checked and licensed as required by law. *Click here on the TRANSPORT link to see some of the vehicles that we use for our transport.