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How to Contact us

Enquiries for reservations can be made in one of the following ways;

Each trek or climb on our website also has a contact form which you can complete and send through to us.

What Information do we need from you?

We recommend that you have the following information ready or provide it when you’re enquiring about booking a trek and/or climb with Akilpo. You will also need this information when confirming your reservation.

    • Name and Country of Residence/Origin.
    • Planned date of the trek or climb.
    • How many people in your group OR you are looking to join another group that still has some places available?
    • Will you need us to help you plan a few days of acclimatisation treks/activities?
    • How much experience you have trekking and/or climbing?
    • Do you have a reasonable level of fitness as required for the trek or climb you want to do?
    • Is it possible that you might need to rent equipment or do you have your own?
    • If you need to rent equipment – what equipment (in order that we can reserve equipment for you).

Advance time required for booking a trek or climb

For dates in the high season (June/July to September), it’s best to contact us with at least 1 month notice – earlier is obviously better.

During the low season and Andean winter, we still recommend 1 month in advance as it may take some time to fill a group (in the event you would like to join a group).

Classic 1-day treks and tours: these can be reserved one day in advance of the trek/tour date. *Note: Akilpo 1-day treks have limited spaces available.


  • All payments are to be made in cash at the Akilpo office. **International transfers can be made to our bank in Peru (account details will be furnished when making your reservation).
  • Upon making a reservation, 40% (forty percent) of the total tour price will be due for payment.
  • The outstanding balance will be due 30 days before the start date of the trek. Subject to circumstances, Akilpo may reach further agreements with the clients about payment of the relevant trek.
  • Failure to pay the outstanding balance within this time-frame can result in cancellation of the reservation and the deposit paid will be forfeited.
  • Classic and Akilpo 1-day treks/tours: payment upon reservation the day before the trek/tour date.

For more detailed terms and conditions about reservations and payments, please read the Terms & Conditions at the link TERMS

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